Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Office Views

Our new office building has this creative design where all of the "worker bees" have cubes around the perimeter which gives them windows with views, and the managers have offices on the inside with really stupid high windows that do nothing. Even though I approve of the philosophy that says that the workers spend more time at their desks while managers are in meetings, it sucks not to have a view. So here is my response: view 1 is the view out of the conf room window, view 2 is the winter view from Baker's Pittsburgh HQ office (was up for about a week!), view 3 is from the house we stayed at in Costa Rica, and I think this one is not going anywhere!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Busy Weekend

The Maloney's arrived on Thurs night around 10 and stayed with us. Greg had to work in the am on Fri, so I went with them to Wildflower...

Rachel and I visited aka Green on Fri afternoon 'cause they are thinking about their storefront and she wanted to see what they carry. We went to a dinner with Beth on Fri - which was good 'cause then the 3 of us could just catch up.

On Sat, we really just hung out.... Went shopping for food, errands, etc, We watched a lot of Olympics and just sat outside, which was good 'cause the weather was nice. Sat night went to 98 South with Beth and Jen. It’s a winebar in Chandler.... They told us they had no space (even though the restaurant was empty) and said we could order food at the bar. So, we were joking with the bartender, ordering lots of wine samples, and just having fun... The Beth asked the manager what the deal was about the empty tables.... And he told us that one of the band members was having a bday party and had reserved 50 spots (!)... Then the (jazz) band arrived to set up, and the people started arriving, and the band was VERY good! And the people were having a great time, and we were already "happy" from all the wine sampling, so it was a really good time. Then we went back to our place, Rachel and I had bought some decadent desserts from AJ's which we munched while drinking another bottle of wine, and then had a quick soak in the hottub.... All in all... It was a super fun evening. We met up with Kathryn at The Farm on Sun for breakfast, and then all broke up for other different activities (Rachel went for a S. Mntn hike with Jen and Jax) until the boys returned home at 3pm. We had a chili dinner at our house, the boys had a soak, and that was that. It was very fun...