Friday, August 31, 2012

A Surprise in the Garden

A while ago we started getting the beginnings of a vine growing next to the front door. We had no idea what it was, and assumed it was a self-seed from bird activities next door (our neighbors have a full-on garden, remember). As with all unknowns, I let it be so that it could show us what it was.


It grew, got blooms, nothing happened. I watched the blooms to see if any of them turned to fruit. They didn't.
Then one day, I noticed that there was a squash-like thing growing under one bloom, and then I noticed another. I kept an eye on those fruits. Once they got a little bigger, it became very clear what this vine is.

Every year, I put pumpkins on the porch. This is from a couple years ago.

Last year we didn't carve the pumpkins,
and yes, one rotted,
on that corner,
and now we have this:

and this

I think it's kinda cute that there are only two.

Since I was outside, I captured some other garden status shots.
Chives blooming.

I spent a couple hours removing weeds at the end of this border.
(In the middle of this shot is Caladium White Christmas. I am very happy with how well this is growing.)

I have plans for this end.

This spot on the corner is ready for planting (looking down from the deck).

On the other side of the deck we have this:
It's mostly a forgotten part of the yard, and seems to be ok with that.
The daisies, ferns, and Buddleia were all there already.
This year I added the Cleome (hassleriana Rose Queen) and Verbena (bonariensis).

A closer look:

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Garden - end of August

Wow, I can't believe a month has gone by since I took photos!
Things have not been popping up as often as they did through the spring and early summer. In fact, some things look the same.
I am happy to find that they hibiscus has bloomed for a month! yay!

Here are some photos of the front in its overgrown, weird self seeds kinda way.




Saturday, August 04, 2012

Side Garden Cleanup

With my training season winding down, and summer kicking my garden in the butt, I took some time Friday to clean up the side bed.
I just moved down the alley and cut down everything that wasn't grass or sesame plant (the neighbors will harvest those later).

Here are some photos of the alley mess...

And then a few of the cut-down hydrangea and daisies.

Both plants have new shoots, so I hope I didn't do the wrong thing by cutting them now.
As with all things gardening, time will tell...