Saturday, December 29, 2007

Is the problem Tivo or Best Buy?!

I meant to post about this, but forgot...

A couple weeks ago, we lost the PC, DVR, and cable box all in one weekend; well, the PC and DVR had been slowly dying and it just got to the point where I had to do something about it.

I went to Apple and got a MacMINI.
I went to best buy and got an HD Tivo with dual receivers.

I plugged it all in, and made an appointment for the cable company to come over and install cable cards.

NONE of this process was easy. I came home from work every night for a week and spent at least 4 hours with one of these two machines trying to get it to work. Maybe one day, I'll talk about the MacMINI; but today... I am PISSED OFF about the Tivo.

That first one that I bought, on Sunday... got the cable card installed on Wed; that night, recorded Countdown and when we watched it the video would fast-forward randomly leaving the sound behind. Called Tivo... after an hour, the guy says: that's a problem with the harddrive - return it.
So the Friday BEFORE Xmas; I'm at the Best Buy at the mall, exchanging the Tivo!

Get the new one installed; cable doesn't work... company sends a guy out on Sunday to install new cards. Cool. Looks like everthing will be ok. and it was... for a week.
Here we are trying to watch the Patriots game; and guess what?! New Tivo has the SAME problem as the LAST one! Video randomly freezing, sound left behind... and now we are watching NFL on the antenna!!!! I cannot BELIEVE this BS! Having lived with an original first gen Panasonic ReplayTV that gave us NO; that's ABSOLUTELY NO problems for TEN years!!!!! until it just got old... I CANNOT believe that this Tivo company can have such a hold on the market when their product ABSOLUTELY SUCKS!

What are you supposed to do?
Get a dish with their DVR? rent a DVR from the cable company?
Panasonic, what the hell!! Where did you go?!

or is it the palette of Tivo's that Best Buy has... ?
do I risk a third from this location? or go somewhere else?

pisses me off

Monday, December 17, 2007

Lamborghini Gallardo

A land shark! I spent some time watching cones on Sunday and had the experience of this car coming at me less than 6 feet away; top speed into a corner. I was scared!


The cats love when I work at home!

Max all curled up on the blankie like a baby...

Molly right next to me....

Me and my kitties!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Cookies - a retrospective reposted

A couple years ago, my friend's mom got really sick, and she decided that she needed a holiday tradition to substitute for the family ones that she knew would be going away. Beth joined us for a little bit that year.

So we decided to bake Holiday Cookies! The next year, she was pregnant and I was sick, but we decided to do it anyway; because you can't have a tradition if you don't actually do it every year. I don't think Beth made it this year, but she can correct me if I'm wrong.

Her son was nearly a year, and so well behaved that he just sat on the carpet all day and played while we baked. Beth also started to join us full force!

2006 (3)
At over 1, the little guy needed a babysitter!

2006 (11)
and so she made it into the photo with my mom (who is always a HUGE help with washing up)

And this year! 100% me and the girls!

I had to repost this because Blogger messed up the photos; and I couldn't fix it!