Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Realities of Technology

I just realized that there are six telephone numbers associated with me, but really you can only reach me of you call two of them; and then its on the same piece of equipment.

Here's what I have:
- cell phone
- work extension in Phoenix
- work extension in Alexandria
- work extension in DC
- blackberry
- aircard

My work extension in Phoenix is forwarded to my cell phone, so you call either number, you make the same phone ring.
I am only at the desks in Alexandria and DC one to two days a week each.
My Blackberry does not have a phone plan, so call that number all you want, nothing is gonna happen (actually, I have no idea what happens, I should call it and see).
Obviously, the aircard does not receive calls.

That is a LOT of numbers to keep track of! I only know the first two to give to you because in my mind, the other four are irrelevant!

This all sounds like good justification for why I don't have a house phone.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

I ran 10 miles

So, I did my first road race today (well, there was that 5k for big brothers/big sisters, but I just don't think that's the same kinda thing cause it wasn't a goal, I didn't train, and I sucked).
It was the Baltimore 10-mile run. Remember the challenge?

Some random thoughts about running a race:

- don't SMOKE next to a running route. Step back, away from the runners.
- My quads are not built for longer than 5 miles. If it comes up again that I will be running further than 5, I will need to engage the Tour de France training scheme.
- I don't do very well in the heat. Thank God I moved.
- The fire department had a hose going at about 7 miles. I ran right through it. THANK YOU FIRE FIGHTERS!
- At about mile 7.5 I passed a dead black cat... that was horrible.
- The finish line fell on my head. It was this big inflated plastic banner and as I was getting toward it, the side supports started deflating. Some cops pushed it up and motioned for me to run under. As I did, it fell on my head.

I haven't decided yet if I'll let any photos go public.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fifa Feva

I had an interesting thought today, one of those that makes you go "huh".

I moved to the US in 1986 which was in the middle of the world awareness about apartheid. I had some experiences those early years, as a young adult, that made me just stop telling people where I was from. I would sometimes try to hide my accent on the phone, and (from some not so positive experiences) if I was with a group of African Americans, I would guide the conversation so that it never landed on "so where are you from?"

Well, it's FIFA and everything is South Africa.
People are wearing jerseys on the metro, the games are on EVERYWHERE. They are streaming them in the conference room at work. Every morning the IT guy sends out the schedule.

I went to get a new ID for the Federal building I work in today. Of course, they need my passport, and they look me up. There is a TV in the room... showing the afternoon match, and everyone is talking about South Africa. So when they see where I'm from, all of these African Americans got all excited when they found out that it was South Africa.

After our trip back in December, I realized that I should be proud to claim that I am from a country that had major political change without a civil war. But it didn't really sink in... today I realized, I don't need to have those conditioned responded of a cringe, but instead, should claim my country of origin with pride.

I am from South Africa.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Traffic Report for my commute today

Slow down on route caused by large fluffy obstacle. Patches of high temperatures caused by sun coming in the window. Avoid stepping on cat toys. Overall, a soft peaceful journey is expected.