Wednesday, April 05, 2006

How the Folbs coordinate travel

- ok, its just one compulsive Folb that needed to make this list

April 11 Tues:
10:41am PHX leave Phoenix on Delta 379 to Atlanta, arriving 5:15pm
11:28am AUS leave LA on AA2442 to Dallas, arriving 4:30pm

5:43pm AUS leave Dallas on AA2167 to SJO, arriving 8:41pm
6:23pm PHX leave Atlanta on Delta 865 to SJO, arriving 8:22pm

PHX and AUS spend night at the Courtyard Marriott

April 12 Wed:
8:20am PHX leaves SJO on Sansa 634 to Tambor
8:50am PHX arrives in Tambor

9:15am AUS leaves SJO on Nature Air 326 to Tambor
9:45am AUS arrives in Tambor

April 17 Mon:
2:10pm AUS leaves Tambor on Nature Air 341 bound for SJO

AUS spends night at the fancy Marriott

April 18 Tues:
9:00am AUS leaves SJO on AA 938 to Atlanta and back to AU through LA

10:40am PHX leaves Tambor on Sansa 637 to SJO, arriving 11:10am

2:00pm PHX leaves SJO on Delta 564 to Atlanta, arriving 8:00pm
9:34pm PHX leaves Atlanta on Delta 1296 to Phoenix, arriving 10:51pm

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sunday mornings

The weather is perfect today. Not too hot, not too cold. The spring flowers are getting ready to bloom. The birds are making a lot of noise. So I thought I'd try and be clever and see if I could record this and post it.

Here is a photo of the flowers on the patio....

now, let me see if I can add this sound file (I think you need Quicktime)

this is an audio post - click to play

now I just need to be able to send you the smell of citrus blossoms, and you will be able to experience how perfect this morning is.