Saturday, October 12, 2013

Little Bits of Color

I love putting a little vase of whatever's blooming on the kitchen windowsill.

I can't believe I got this much color from the garden in the cold rainy October fall.

(Zinnia, lavender, chrysanthemums)

First Fall Cleanup

I took out some of the really dead plants last week, and the garden looks much "cleaner".
I rearranged the porch pots so that they will all get the fall rains.

I am hesitant to cut down the zinnia as I want them to self-seed for next year!
Also waiting for the buddleia to stop growing new shoots.
I think I've missed the window for fall transplanting - it went from 80 to 50 overnight; so I will move the liatris and agastache in the spring.

Mom, please note that the Mums came back!



Clematis is doing fine; Medusa is gone.

LOVE my kitchen-garden-herb-bed!!
(thanks Mom)