Thursday, January 26, 2006

Burning Man revisited

OK - I am by no means an expert; but I guess I know enough to be competitive. Burning Man is a community of artists that gather once a year to share their expression. How's that? I haven't read the book, or attended, but that's what I understand it to be. The community is created and uncreated every year the week of Labor Day; and culminates in a large burning man into which you can sacrifice your expression from that year. Burning man is in a dusty region of Nevada that noone else wants!

My brother, his girlfriend, and their gang of friends have been going for the last three years. I guess you can call them "burners" now.

Why go? because you are surrounded by incredible creativity with art installations that can blow your mind. Looking at the photos of these creations just makes you want to see them in person.

I think that's the gist - the rest is self experience.... and we have decided to take it on!

I finally got through the mess of cyber traffic and was able to purchase the tickets!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

burning man ticket update 2

now we get this:

"Due to an electrical circuit problem, we've been forced to pause ticket sales temporarily. We're getting it fixed, and as soon as we're able, we'll commence sales again. Please be patient, and watch this page for the latest information as it becomes available."

burning man tickets update 1

this site is driving me NUTS!!!

I got through to a purchase page, said I wanted 2 tickets, it takes it as if its processing, and then it goes blank!!!!!!!

how do I checkout!??

Burning Man

I'm TRYING to buy tickets for burning man!!!!!

They say that the site is overwhelmed with people trying to access it; but I have a feeling that whatever coding they were going to turn on today, didn't work! and its taken them TWO hours, and its still not working!! That's my theory, anyway....

I have been sitting here at work on a conf call hitting refresh. The screen varies between the "no webpage exists", screen, to the "check back" screen, to a promo screen for the company that's hosting the ticket purchasing.

Its getting very frustrating! Mostly 'cause I just want to buy the damn tickets and be DONE with it!!!!
I'm so bad about posting, I know... and then Dee is using this blog as a way to get me to go to DRP events!!!! so at least it has some sort of function.

Well, I finally went to an event... and Dee wasn't there!!! ;-)

I joined the parade of MINIs and minis around Phoenix Int Raceway on Sat...
It was much more nervewracking than I thought it would be... that's for sure!!

Going fast around turns is not in my comfort zone! I'm really glad that I have the driving school scheduled, and I'm hoping this is something that they cover, or at least that they will be willing to work with me on things that I want to improve - rather than just lectures.

Well.... there you have it.... a ramble!

Monday, January 02, 2006

Back home

been home from Costa Rica for 3+ days... trying to get used to having things to do.
Not sure I'm ready to go back to work - are we ever?
it makes me understand why my brother picked up, packed up, and moved off to a different lifestyle.

Had a good new year's with friends. We made a spectacular dinner and enjoyed all the rooms of our house, including the outdoor movie theater (proxima and laptop). This may become a tradition, I think, watching movies in the back yard.

Hope everyone had a good start to 2006!!