Friday, September 29, 2006

Lisa the Slacker

Lordy, I've been bad about posting !!
So much has been going on travel-wise, and my time at home is spent mostly vegging out!

There are all these draft posts waiting to be finished.... but typing on my computer is the last thing I want to do at home, and I've been too busy at work to work on blogging.... so this is a "stand by" post as we have a full weekend at home with no plans except packing the kitchen - although the bloody contractor hasn't called to confirm the demo of the kitchen on Mon as planned! So, perhaps we will be living in a house with a PACKED kitchen and NO contractor after this weekend - yay! Its not like I've been cooking anyway, so at least this will be a good excuse not to go shopping!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Tying a Knot

...between the Folbs, Eintrachts, Lees, and Moores.

One of the weekends I was gone this month was for the wedding of the oldest of my brothers.

It was the least conventional, most nontraditional wedding you can imagine. My father kept saying it was heavy on function and light on form. The only traditional thing was that the bride wore white.

The wedding party was me, my mom and dad (who have not really spent time together in 20 years), and Mary's grandfather. My mother was the officiator.

We stayed at Costanoa on the CA coast, just south of Half Moon Bay.

We had a BBQ for the "rehersal dinner" that was hugely winging it because we were staying in the lodge and didn't have anything to support a BBQ. So we borrowed from the restaurant and improvised where we could, and ended up with a delicious meal. My brother got pretty drunk, and doesn't remember much from the later evening. My mom was also pretty drunk, or pretending, and knocked over a firepit. Mostly, we were all hysterical laughing.

The wedding itself started out sombre, but rolled down the hill of crazy as soon as we all got into the Boogie Van and the bride started choosing music on her computer for the soundsystem. And then the groom unexpectedly turned into a gas station to get some coffee!
We were all laughing and in the spirit of adventure as we drove down the highway looking for the perfect beach. The 15 minute ceremony was on a rock, with the small party overlooking the Pacific. Afterwards, the bride started hamming it up for the camera, and some Swiss tourists took a group shot!

We went to the Ritz for a celebration dinner and a couple of M&M's friends joined us there.

There you have it.... the wedding of a Folb!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Burning Man

Accumulating links to everything we did at Burning Man:

Me - kodakgallery
M&M - flickr
Joost - flickr
Squiggle people - video
Aria - video
Joost's video
Dr. Tesla

Thursday, September 07, 2006


It is taking a while to recover... or maybe I caught something.
You never know when you are sharing a portapotty with a kazillion people if you are going to be ok, especially when you are in a place that considers water to be "MOOP" and therefore washing your hands is a no-no.

My experience in summary:

The first 3 days were a mellow lead-up to Sat night.
Sat night was an all out party!!
I found myself planning next year's visit while we were driving out of the city, that's how addictive it is.... its like one of those things where you say, if I knew then what I know now... and in this case, I'm going to get to implement the knowledge. I am trying to rope people into going... mostly 'cause of 2 reasons:
1 - people to share the driving; that is a SCHLEP, BITCH, MUTHUFUCKR OF A DRIVE
2 - people to hang out with. One of the things I learned, is that sometimes your perspective is restrictive. Being with other people means you notice more than you see and you experience more than you intend. Its like that with the photos that other people are uploading. I get to see everything from their point of view and its WAY cool.
I moved the links of photos and videos to their own post.