Monday, August 20, 2007

its that time of year again

...time to take on the Pilgrimage to the mecca of non-conformity.
I have been planning this undertaking since we drove out of the Nevada desert a year ago. I have a piece of cardboard with green highlighter making a list of things to take to Black Rock City in 2007.
Well, the last month has been a slew of lists, spreadsheets have been humming, and all my green words have a check mark.
Burying myself in planning and preparation has kept my anticipation under check. But I suppose that with any sort of pilgrimage, preparation is part of the process.
We have a week to go.... and I have to mentally force myself to keep the anticipation at bay so that I can function at work, and get through the day.
The feeling of excitement is going to start building starting tonight at 11pm when I pick up M&M from the airport; they will be running around in ernest the next couple days preparing and executing their list of pilgrimage items. I will be jealous. I am stuck here looking at a different kind of spreadsheet, beholden to a phone and a computer that require me to focus on processing a different kind of data.
I get through on one thought -
"this time next week"
ladies and gents, this year, its NO HOLDS BARRED!
I am going to be IN it!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Coming Along Nicely

Aaron is definately getting in to the mood. Here he is creating outfits for BRC.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

just in case

you read my blog through a feedreader...

I accidentally sent an email to my blog instead of to myself (its 'cause I need to pee and I'm not paying attention to what I'm doing).

Well, said email popped up in my inbox: "musings just made a new post"

and I rushed over here to delete it.

but it looks like it got into the feed (superspeedy), and I don't know how to delete it from there.

anyway - if you read my email through a feedreader, you will now know how much we pay for electricity, what I owe on my credit card this month, the cost to have a cat sitter come to the house everyday for a week, and how much the lawn people charged us to mow, fertilize, and haul away two tarps full of palm tree shingles removed by lightening.

thrilling, isn't it!