Saturday, November 26, 2005

The middle of the weekend

Two days gone, 1.75 to go of the 4-day weekend. I wish time didn't go so fast. It's very frustrating. I always feel like I need another day. Yesterday was very annoying because the housecleaner showed at 8:30 - waking us up, yes, we were still asleep. Then proceded to take FIVE hours to clean our house. I would not care, IF I WAS AT WORK! but this was supposed to be a day off, lazing around, not getting dressed etc. Instead, we had to find reasons to not be here, 'cause it was just too annoying to be inside! So we went to the nursery and spent nearly $100 on plants. Now I have to plant them! I got the easy ones done yesterday.... pots on the patio etc. But the tough stuff, in the back where I first have to remove gravel and get the drip to work, are still sitting there. I'm going to have to make time to plant them soon, or $50 will be dead! However, today is a sailing day, so tomorrow it is... not the way I wanted to spend the day before work... I usually like to see how much TV I can watch on those days! Well, off to pack snacks for a day on the lake watching speed boats zoom past the stationary windless sailboat! That's "sailing" in AZ.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I'm Trying

Well, I guess I'm not that good at this. I'm just not sure what to add. I guess I've never been a good "journal" keeper either. I was thinking that I could write about the trips I go on for work so that people can know where I am, or where I've been when I don't answer my phone or email. I don't travel as much as other people I know, but I think that my friends can't keep track of me.

Oven Repair

Right now I'm at home waiting for the oven repair guy to come and fix the oven. Why is it that they never arrive when they say they will? "you'll be the first call of the day" they told me. What time is that, I asked, "8am; they always call 20 minutes before they arrive". Well, its 8am, and there has been no 20 min call! If I'm the first call, then the guy is late to work! Does this mean I'm waiting for my 20 min notice, or am I waiting for the guy to just show?

Just got the call. 8:09 telling me that the technician just walked out the door. Well, it seems to me, that this guy is running 30 minutes late!

8:30 - He's HERE!!! Now let's see how long the repair takes...