Sunday, April 29, 2007

Was it the right decision?

Sometimes, I guess, you get a chance to go backwards in time and reevaluate a decision.
This past weekend, we went to THE American archaeology conference. I gave a paper and Greg had a booth. The last one I went to was 10 years ago. Isn't that crazy?
I was expecting to sit in my session, give my paper, and spend the rest of the time waiting for Greg.
Well, that didn't happen.
I ran into so many people that I know, from so many different contexts, it was insane!
People I haven't seen in over 10 years.
I even decided to go to some sessions other than my own and see what research people are working on.
So what was the decision I got to reevaluate?
About 6 years ago, I decided to stop pursuing my career as an archaeologist. I decided to go into management in a general sense. So, I stopped doing research, I stopped reading research, I stopped going to the regional conferences, and I stopped staying in touch.
Sitting in these meetings, I got to think about whether or not that was the right decision - for me.
I would expect that some of the people I ran into thought that it was a loss that I am not doing research and contributing to the field. I know that people thought I was really good at that.
I have learned that there are a lot of things I am good at. There are a lot of things that I could spend all day doing. Starting with being a school teacher, being a mom, baking, cooking, sewing, being a research archaeologist.
But you know, just because you're good at something, doesn't mean that its something you should be doing all day.
I don't want to do any of those things above all day.
In sitting in those sessions and reevaluating my decisions, I realize that I have made the right one. Being a Project Manager uses my strengths, uses my skills, and provides me with challenges that I want to take on, and that's the difference. I know what the challenges are for the listed items above, and I don't really care to take them on.
What I'm doing now gets me out of bed in the morning and makes my commute in traffic worth it.
That may be a change from some of the posts I've put up in the past - so I'll tell you that a couple months ago, I started working with a new project manager on projects for a different client. And I am having fun. Last week, I was officially moved over to the Civil Department. I am no longer a group lead, I am no longer a division head, I am no longer responsible for business development in a field I think is STUPID! I no longer supervise the emotionally unstable girly boy who yelled at me!
and yes, I am happy about all of the above.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Adam works magic with the universe

My youngest brother, Adam, was scheduled to return to Australia on a Thursday.
He really didn't want to go.
He wanted to stay the weekend and continue the merrymaking with his two older brothers.
My Dad told him that the cost to change the ticket was not worth it, that he had obligations to his soccer team on Sat, and that he should be in class on Monday.
We took Adam to the airport for his evening flight during a CRAZY wind storm that had come out of nowhere. I was almost afraid of driving my little car in the gusts. Adam was scheduled to fly to SF to catch an 11PM flight to Sydney.
About an hour later, he called us to say that his flight was delayed two hours, he'd miss his connected to Sydney, and the next flight they could get him on to cross the ocean was on Monday !!!
His options where to fly to SF and spend the weekend in a hotel, or come back to my house and take another flight to SF on Monday for the international flight - which coincidentally was the same one his parents were on.
And I'm sure you can guess what he decided to do.

Monday, April 23, 2007


I just reread that last post...
it should be pretty easy to "type" my personality from that in case you hadn't figured it out already.
I'll call you attention to two items:
1. no adjectives
2. no emotions
and now you have a list!

Knock Knock

is anyone there?
oh! Aaron! hey, Hi! good to see you again!
Yeah, I haven't been around much lately... SO much has happened, and the thought of going through it all is daunting, and so I avoid.
and to briefly summarize the last 3 weeks:
Dad and stepmom + youngest brother + oldest brother and wife (M&M) all in my house for two weeks
Middle brother and all his college friends over for Fri Night - thanks to Dad and the Italian place next door, I didn't have to cook!
MORE kosher-for-passover matzo !
BBQ party for the whole family gang + all my close Phoenix friends + all of milddle brother's college friends; again! thanks to Dad, Greg, everyone who brought food, and my oldest brother, I didn't have to cook, or clean up
Everyone left except M&M and he cooked an INCREDIBLE meal everynight for a week.
Now they are off to Coachella, and we are alone in the house - good and bad - if you know what I mean.
Sat: Flamenco show in Gilbert at 11, lunch, drive to Flagstaff, late for tech rehersal at 4pm, show at 7:30, drive home, bed at 11!
I just sent this to my mom in an email, it kinda captures today:
Today my new rate starts, and I feel under extra pressure to be "worth" the extra $8/hr.
Plus one of the guys that I've been "shadowing" is being assigned to TX for a year, so I will be 100% in-charge of a bunch of engineering projects where I'm just winging it at every moment.
so - all the pressure and stress just escalated.
Greg and I are going to Austin on Thursday for the Society for American Arch conf. DeAnn is coming too, and I'm giving a presentation on Friday AM (!!!)
I intend to spend the rest of the weekend in the hotel room watching TV and maybe make an appnt for a massage - instead of going to any sessions !!!!!
I am also trying very hard to not let work interfere with my working out!
and one of my flamenco fellows asked if I would like to do semi-privates with her as well as the Tues class; I said yes.