Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Oven Repair

Right now I'm at home waiting for the oven repair guy to come and fix the oven. Why is it that they never arrive when they say they will? "you'll be the first call of the day" they told me. What time is that, I asked, "8am; they always call 20 minutes before they arrive". Well, its 8am, and there has been no 20 min call! If I'm the first call, then the guy is late to work! Does this mean I'm waiting for my 20 min notice, or am I waiting for the guy to just show?

Just got the call. 8:09 telling me that the technician just walked out the door. Well, it seems to me, that this guy is running 30 minutes late!

8:30 - He's HERE!!! Now let's see how long the repair takes...

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