Wednesday, April 05, 2006

How the Folbs coordinate travel

- ok, its just one compulsive Folb that needed to make this list

April 11 Tues:
10:41am PHX leave Phoenix on Delta 379 to Atlanta, arriving 5:15pm
11:28am AUS leave LA on AA2442 to Dallas, arriving 4:30pm

5:43pm AUS leave Dallas on AA2167 to SJO, arriving 8:41pm
6:23pm PHX leave Atlanta on Delta 865 to SJO, arriving 8:22pm

PHX and AUS spend night at the Courtyard Marriott

April 12 Wed:
8:20am PHX leaves SJO on Sansa 634 to Tambor
8:50am PHX arrives in Tambor

9:15am AUS leaves SJO on Nature Air 326 to Tambor
9:45am AUS arrives in Tambor

April 17 Mon:
2:10pm AUS leaves Tambor on Nature Air 341 bound for SJO

AUS spends night at the fancy Marriott

April 18 Tues:
9:00am AUS leaves SJO on AA 938 to Atlanta and back to AU through LA

10:40am PHX leaves Tambor on Sansa 637 to SJO, arriving 11:10am

2:00pm PHX leaves SJO on Delta 564 to Atlanta, arriving 8:00pm
9:34pm PHX leaves Atlanta on Delta 1296 to Phoenix, arriving 10:51pm


deetour said...

I'm confused...where are you going?

Defunct Lisa said...

Costa Rica! Baby!!

deetour said...

Again? Not fair!!!!!

deetour said...

The pix were great! Even more jealous now!

bri said...

yeah, what she said!!