Thursday, August 17, 2006

and here's an example

When I say that my brother doesn't have any boundaries, here's an example:

They bought a van for Burning Man, they wanted to put one of our futons in the van as a couch, so I told them sure. The took the van to the shop to get fixed, but decided anyway that the futon should be ready to go in the van, so they put it on top of his car in our garage. Then tonight, they decided to go to the mall. Well, where do you put the futon so you can drive the car to the mall?

so what I'm wondering now, is if I will be able to drive my car out of the garage to go to work tomorrow, or if I will first need to move the futon!


Aaron Stiner said...

What is amazing is that you allow your MINI - your MINI!!! - to be desecrated in that way. One can only cross a boundary which one is allowed to cross. You must really love him =)

Defunct Lisa said...

I was very concerned when they went out to take the Porsche 'cause there was only one place I could imagine them putting it.
and Lo'... I was right!

but, I figured, its a futon - nice and soft, so said MINI should be ok.