Thursday, September 07, 2006


It is taking a while to recover... or maybe I caught something.
You never know when you are sharing a portapotty with a kazillion people if you are going to be ok, especially when you are in a place that considers water to be "MOOP" and therefore washing your hands is a no-no.

My experience in summary:

The first 3 days were a mellow lead-up to Sat night.
Sat night was an all out party!!
I found myself planning next year's visit while we were driving out of the city, that's how addictive it is.... its like one of those things where you say, if I knew then what I know now... and in this case, I'm going to get to implement the knowledge. I am trying to rope people into going... mostly 'cause of 2 reasons:
1 - people to share the driving; that is a SCHLEP, BITCH, MUTHUFUCKR OF A DRIVE
2 - people to hang out with. One of the things I learned, is that sometimes your perspective is restrictive. Being with other people means you notice more than you see and you experience more than you intend. Its like that with the photos that other people are uploading. I get to see everything from their point of view and its WAY cool.
I moved the links of photos and videos to their own post.


deetour said...

WHERE is Black Rock City?

deetour said...

Is there actually a city there? Looked like just desert. Nevada, right?

Defunct Lisa said...

BRC is northeast of Reno. For 51 weeks of the years, its just a desert dry lake; then the last week of August, it becomes Black Rock City.

deetour said...

The pictures are amazing. Seems like the kind of thing I would be into except for the lack of hotelishnessism. Dee not a camper.

Aaron Stiner said...

Next year...