Thursday, May 10, 2007

some things that have happened lately

I'm going to resist my nature and not make this an organized list.
I got my new tires installed yesterday, and its taking some getting used to. Who would have thought that run-flats were so yucky?!
I don't feel the bumps of cat-eyes, manholes, uneven pavement like I used to.
I don't "loose control" in road ruts
It almost feels like my car is bouncy!
I REALLY want to take them somewhere where I can test the corner handling!!!!!
This is Daniel's last week at ASU. We are going to help him move out of his dorm tomorrow, and on Sat, he and 5 friends are going to camp in our back yard.
I think we'll lock the cats in the bedroom with us and leave all the doors open so that they don't keep us awake coming in and out to the bathroom etc.
I can't believe that this time has gone by so fast!!!
I didn't see him nearly enough... but I have to say, that I like the changes that I have observed from his first week to now. I hope they stick when he goes home.
Yesterday was the MOST incredible work day I have had in a long while. I do not believe there was a single moment when I was in control of the task I was performing - I mean, I didn't select what I was working on; every moment was a reaction to someone who came in to my office; and there were always two people waiting in the hall.... I got home at 7:30, ate a burrito that Greg made for me, and went to bed and asleep at 8:30.
I have been tracking what I eat - calories, fat, protein, and carbs. My trainer wants me to eat at least 1500 calories with 40% each protein and carb, 20% fat. Let me tell you how hard that is! all three of those criteria! I am most typically 1000 calories, 20% each fat and protein, and 60% carb. EVERYTHING has carbs except straight MEAT. So you are always adding to the carb column and usually just a little to the protein - unless you eat MEAT!
that's it.

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