Tuesday, July 17, 2007

"The Golden Compass"

the world went crazy for Harry Potter, and yes I did too. So sometime after the first book came out, I read an interview with JK Rowling where she listed some books that she found inspirational. I decided to try The Golden Compass. I found it in the adult sci-fi section at my library. It took me about three months to read chapter 1, I just couldn't get into it. So I thought, I'll skip over chapter 1 and see if it gets any better in chapter 2.
I was hooked.
I became intrigued, obsessed, engrossed, enticed, and empathetic to the protagonist, Lyra. I couldn't put it down. I rushed to the library and checked out the other 2 books in the trilogy. The other two were in the children's section, and this is when I realized that these were actually children's books. I had always thought it strange that Pullman had decided to have a girl as the protagonist of an adult series of books.
After finishing all three, I declared these to be my favorite books ever.
and now there is a movie.
Yes, I am one of those people who wished that every Harry Potter movie was 8 hours long, representing every moment of every book; and I tell you... that for His Dark Materials, I wish that even more!
I enjoyed seeing the wizard books come to life on the screen and never felt disappointed with the depictions. His Dark Materials are filled with so many more fanciful phenomena, that I am scared that something will be missed. And also, the message, the strong emotion of bravery and strength in Lyra, I really hope that New Line can capture these tiny nuggets as they tell this story in a children's movie that will probably overemphasize the action.

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aabart said...

The preview you sent me looked awesome! I too loved the books, although thought the final, final ending to be a bit trite. But thought, other than that, they were wonderful! Great plot and character development that made me want to keep reading. They were emotionally gripping and I felt constantly on edge about what would happen next to the characters! Let's see the movie together! Also, Beth won't see the HP movie with me. Maybe you and I can ditch B and G and go see it while its in the theaters =)