Monday, August 20, 2007

its that time of year again

...time to take on the Pilgrimage to the mecca of non-conformity.
I have been planning this undertaking since we drove out of the Nevada desert a year ago. I have a piece of cardboard with green highlighter making a list of things to take to Black Rock City in 2007.
Well, the last month has been a slew of lists, spreadsheets have been humming, and all my green words have a check mark.
Burying myself in planning and preparation has kept my anticipation under check. But I suppose that with any sort of pilgrimage, preparation is part of the process.
We have a week to go.... and I have to mentally force myself to keep the anticipation at bay so that I can function at work, and get through the day.
The feeling of excitement is going to start building starting tonight at 11pm when I pick up M&M from the airport; they will be running around in ernest the next couple days preparing and executing their list of pilgrimage items. I will be jealous. I am stuck here looking at a different kind of spreadsheet, beholden to a phone and a computer that require me to focus on processing a different kind of data.
I get through on one thought -
"this time next week"
ladies and gents, this year, its NO HOLDS BARRED!
I am going to be IN it!


aabart said...

Did you bar holds last year?

deetour said...

Cannot wait to see the pix!!!!! Have a great time!