Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I live with 2 (old) men

I was going to do Dishwasher Watch this week... since I loaded and ran the dishwasher on Friday night and as of Monday morning when I left for work, it was still loaded with clean dishes... and the sink was FULL of dirty ones (I was trying very hard to not be the one who did it, again!).
But I had a helper during dinner time who did the honors of moving dishes around.
There are many inconveniences when you live with two old men. They talk about nothing for hours while you are looking for some peace and quiet. They are stubborn. They are set in their ways. They tell you that you are always wrong... when all it is, is that they don't understand what you just described because they still use 8-tracks. They watch annoying television. But the most annoying part of all, is that neither of them will do anything that is constued as house-maintenance.
Maybe, just maybe, if you put some stinky fish remains in the trash, they will take it out.
But that's it.
and my dishwasher watch was going to document their incredible ability to ignore filth.

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