Monday, May 11, 2009

a new consciousness on reality

Nearly made a big booboo this week.
Spent Sunday underwater at a max depth of about 30 ft.
Well, when you do that for extended periods of time, there are all these calculations and numbers blahblahblah to consider when doing things to your body that involve pressure.
One of those is flying!
There are Rules about how long you have to wait to fly after diving so that you don't EXPLODE! actually, its get the bends, but I just keep in mind that its all about exploding 'cause that's more dramatic.
So, I have a trip to DC on Tues.
LUCKILY - yes, luck 'cause I didn't even realize I had to think about this - its more than 18 hours after my last dive.
If I had planned a trip for Monday, I would have had to cancel it.
Here is a whole new thing I have to take into consideration about staying alive!

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