Saturday, August 14, 2010

Another World

Today we went for a bike ride on the W&OD Trail. This is one of those rails-to-trails routes and goes across Fairfax county.
We went with friends who have a young son and another on the way. The little man sat inside one of those bike trailers and was zoned out most of the time - man, we all wished we could go in there.
We started in Vienna. Such a cute town! There was a farmer's market going on, and the little downtown was all done-up with flowers.

The trail is just GREEN. Mostly flat, with some nice hills to get you going and give you momentum. We stopped on in the middle for a break at a huge pond/lake that was fully of amazing big white and pink water lilies. It was so peaceful and magnificent.

There were probably a hundred other people out there, walking, running, riding. There is a whole etiquette and you catch on pretty quickly.

A very fun day, and so glad I have a bike!

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Aaliyah Stanley said...

The answer is that the characteristic habitat of the Bahamas Water lilies is scorching and pouring, quite different a typical Portugal or Marshall Islands Water lilies' habitat