Monday, August 01, 2011


I have been reading this blog for a long time. A man who consciously decided to give up his career in corporate law to become the homemaker so that his wife could pursue her dream job.

What amazes me every time I read a post is how he has chosen to actively engage in living and experiencing with his children.

He does not have a stroller, preferring to carry the kids or have them walk. He builds things to make their play come to life, he looks for activities that allow them all to learn about the city they live in and experience all that it has to offer. He teaches them the value of community by building relationships with their local retailers, beautifying their surrounding with flower bombs, and finding things to do where they live rather than in the town one over. They pick their own, buy from the farmer's market, or grow their food... and then make jam and preserves to last through the winter.

There is nothing unusual, special, or difficult about what he does. What is unusual is that he does it. Is this how men view the activity of stay-at-home-parent? Is this unique to this creative man?
What an amazing experience these children have in constantly exploring, learning, and taking on life as a family.

Case in point - asking a simple question about an empty lot, and suddenly there is a garden:
Sweet Juniper

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