Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Garden - End of July Status

The heat does not stop!
I have been gone pretty much every weekend, but one, in June and July.
These things added together mean that my garden looks like it belongs to an abandoned house that had a fire! Things are black, long tendrils of grass are shooting up everywhere, and weeds are moving in.
I don't have a big block of time to dedicate to clean-up until the weekend so I just pull up grass when I notice it.

Here's my action list for cleanup:
1. cut down the hydrangea to about 1' high. I've wanted to cut it back significantly, and since the whole thing is brown and dead looking, I figure this is a good time. There are new shoots on the stems, and I will let them grow from lower down.

2. cut down the sunflowers. They were magnificent! but now they are falling over. I will keep the heads to dry out and see if I can harvest seeds for next year.

3. the amazing buddleia in the back has fallen over. I need to replant it. Will probably do that asap!

4. trim all the dead stuff everywhere!

this is going to produce more than a bag of stuff! Every time I gather up yard waste and put it out for the "yard waste" pick-up, I wish I had space for a compost pile (canister would be too small).

In the meantime...
I got a hibiscus bloom!


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