Friday, August 31, 2012

A Surprise in the Garden

A while ago we started getting the beginnings of a vine growing next to the front door. We had no idea what it was, and assumed it was a self-seed from bird activities next door (our neighbors have a full-on garden, remember). As with all unknowns, I let it be so that it could show us what it was.


It grew, got blooms, nothing happened. I watched the blooms to see if any of them turned to fruit. They didn't.
Then one day, I noticed that there was a squash-like thing growing under one bloom, and then I noticed another. I kept an eye on those fruits. Once they got a little bigger, it became very clear what this vine is.

Every year, I put pumpkins on the porch. This is from a couple years ago.

Last year we didn't carve the pumpkins,
and yes, one rotted,
on that corner,
and now we have this:

and this

I think it's kinda cute that there are only two.

Since I was outside, I captured some other garden status shots.
Chives blooming.

I spent a couple hours removing weeds at the end of this border.
(In the middle of this shot is Caladium White Christmas. I am very happy with how well this is growing.)

I have plans for this end.

This spot on the corner is ready for planting (looking down from the deck).

On the other side of the deck we have this:
It's mostly a forgotten part of the yard, and seems to be ok with that.
The daisies, ferns, and Buddleia were all there already.
This year I added the Cleome (hassleriana Rose Queen) and Verbena (bonariensis).

A closer look:

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