Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Things that will make you nuts...

I just drove between my house and a friends' to check on their cats.
I took all local roads, there was no traffic.
Google told me it would take me 15 mins, it took 25 mins.
I thought about why that might be and realized it was probably all the traffic lights that stopped me for very long durations.
So, on the way home, I timed how much of the trip was travel vs stopped as a result of lights.

40% of the time I was in the car was stationary at traffic lights.

That is a CRAZY high number, I think.

The shortest stop was 4.6 seconds, the longest was 2:35.7 (This was the light close to my community that I know is long. I stopped while it was already red, so if you catch it just turning, you wait is longer than 2.5 mins).

Traffic lights seem to me to be a huge waste of my life.
I don't understand why the U.S. transportation community is so adverse to traffic circles!

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