Sunday, January 27, 2013

What's going on in the winter garden

I pruned the roses the 2nd week in January. There were already shoots, so that is too late!

The bulbs are already starting to come up. We had two small snow days, so I hope that wasn't too much for them.

Wed is supposed to be 69, and then back down to freezing.
I am worried we are going to have another spring like last year, and all the plants will get confused... again.

This weekend I ordered the things I want to put into the ground this spring:

Hollyhocks - in front of the gutter downspout.
Sweet peas - on the trellis. If the weather is like last year, this won't work again.
Nasturtiums - all around. They did well last year, and may self-seed, if not; I have backups.
Zinnia - going to start getting zinnia going.
Three varieties of lavender - we are going to take out the scrawny bushes in the front "island" bed and replace with these lavenders. I may just plant the whole bed with lavender (around the bulbs, of course).

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