Sunday, June 16, 2013

Herbs! in the Ground!

While my mom was here, we dug up a corner of the lawn and created a "kitchen garden"... you know, herbs.

2013-06-14 17.29.10

My goal was to plant perennials that would keep the roots of the clematis cool, so there is a rosemary on the sunny side of the lamp.
Thyme and Oregano line the edge, and the inside is for annuals - basil and parsley this year.

I want to put rocks/boulders around the edge on the grass side... but that's a bit of drama.

My favorite neighbor offered that I could use all the rocks that she had piled up in the woods; then she moved away... I didn't think to move the rocks to our "side" of the woods... I asked the daughter of the new neighbor if I could take the rocks. She said she'd "ask her mom if that's ok"... 3 days later, I'm still waiting.
CLEARLY, I'm ready for the rocks!

argh... neighbors.

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