Tuesday, March 24, 2015

First Steps...

It looks like 2 of the 4 lavenders are coming back.
The two that didn't make it include one from Trader Joe's and Lavendula x intermedia.
When they get plants at the nursery, I'll see if I can add a new one.

The bed got these seeds:
Sunflower Ruby Eclipse

I put in seeds for the trellis:
Hyacinth Bean - Ruby Moon Lablab purpureus
Bean Pole Runner - Scarlet Emperor Phaseolus coccineus
and some sweet pea - 3rd year a charm, right?

Sprinkles in the beds are:
Zinnia Cut and Come Again Zinnia elegans pumila
Zinnia Solar Flare Blend Zinnia elegans
Zinnia Fireball Blend Zinnia elegans
Bachelor's Button Black Magic Centaurea cyanus
Sweet William Double Blend Dianthus barbatus

And there are flurries in the forecast for this weekend....

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