Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I'm so bad about posting, I know... and then Dee is using this blog as a way to get me to go to DRP events!!!! so at least it has some sort of function.

Well, I finally went to an event... and Dee wasn't there!!! ;-)

I joined the parade of MINIs and minis around Phoenix Int Raceway on Sat...
It was much more nervewracking than I thought it would be... that's for sure!!

Going fast around turns is not in my comfort zone! I'm really glad that I have the driving school scheduled, and I'm hoping this is something that they cover, or at least that they will be willing to work with me on things that I want to improve - rather than just lectures.

Well.... there you have it.... a ramble!

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deetour said...

You should never count on me for Saturday DAY events as I am always working. Saturday NIGHT is a different story! :)
Except for Vegas of course! I have the whole weekend off.