Thursday, January 26, 2006

Burning Man revisited

OK - I am by no means an expert; but I guess I know enough to be competitive. Burning Man is a community of artists that gather once a year to share their expression. How's that? I haven't read the book, or attended, but that's what I understand it to be. The community is created and uncreated every year the week of Labor Day; and culminates in a large burning man into which you can sacrifice your expression from that year. Burning man is in a dusty region of Nevada that noone else wants!

My brother, his girlfriend, and their gang of friends have been going for the last three years. I guess you can call them "burners" now.

Why go? because you are surrounded by incredible creativity with art installations that can blow your mind. Looking at the photos of these creations just makes you want to see them in person.

I think that's the gist - the rest is self experience.... and we have decided to take it on!

I finally got through the mess of cyber traffic and was able to purchase the tickets!!


brianna said...

good luck! i think that burning man would be more creativity than i could handle, being that i put as much creativity in two years as all those artists put out in 3 days. i just don't have it in me!

have fun!

Lisa said...

Umm.... after reading your blogs, I know that's not true!!!!

deetour said...

yeah really! She's so modest. Anyway, burn something for me!

brianna said...

oh hun, my blog isn't creative, it's just my sorry excuse for a life. :)

deetour said...

*sound of me puking*