Thursday, February 01, 2007

for the record

1. Tues was my birthday.
I think that this week lived with a pallor due to the impending Wed personnel review that I was dreading !
but let the record show that I EXPECT a HUGE bash for my 40th! yes, you over, there... no, mom, not you.... take a note and mark your calendar for June '08 'cause its gonna take you at least that long to plan my smashing 40th bday CELEBRATION; I am not hinting subtley here that it will NOT be me planning it - get my drift?!
Highlight of the day:
took cupcakes to Flamenco, after class offered them around, and one of the very shy, new, guitarists asked me if I had "broken the back of 20 yet" !!
ha ha....
I said "yes, quite healthily!"
2. Wed was my personnel review
it was a 180 to what I was expecting. They (my boss and HR) were all "you're great, we see and value your strengths, ... "
and I think all those positive things sent in by the people I actually work with did their trick (thank you all the people!)
in the end... I will be given someone to team with to do business development so that I can continue focusing on managing BIG projects and programs.
so, maybe I won't quit.
this month

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brianna said...

well then, happy birthday! they do seem to get less and less eventful as the years roll by...