Thursday, March 22, 2007

This time last year...

I was preparing to go to AMVIV.
You know, the meetup of MINIs in Vegas.
The whole blown tire saga...
The Strip cruise...
The track day...
Oh so much fun!
This year, we are passing because in a week, I will have family at my house!
That's right, we are going to be full to the gills with Folbs!
There will be 5 Folbs, a Brown and a Lee - who kinda count as Folbs too.
And then a visiting Folb from Rural & Apache; so EIGHT altogether!
Eight people in our house has to be a record.
We have been cleaning, moving furniture, buying furniture, and making sleeping space for all these Folbs!
It just occurred to me on my way to work that I need to come up with a dinner plan because on-the-fly might not work.
any ideas?

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