Thursday, September 13, 2007

Delivery Dyslexia

Sometimes, I think it would be fun to receive a present at work and I give my online orders my work address for delivery.
When the item arrives in our office, it is delivered to the front desk, where the receptionist signs for it, and puts it on top of all the other boxes from deliveries.
This is the same procedure all the office orders go through - computers, office supplies, paper, everything.
They sit at the front desk until the receptionist notifies the recipient to come and get it.
She's pretty slow with these notifications.
You'd think she would want to get rid of all those boxes lying around in the welcome area of our company.
When I am expecting a present at work, I sometimes go to the delivery service website to find that it has already been delivered.
Its quite shocking to have that page open up and the status say "Delivered".
So, what I'm saying, is that I have to go to a website for an outside delivery service to learn that I have a package at the front desk.
A package that is sitting in front of someone who gets paid by my company to make sure that things (phone calls, reports, plans) get sent to the right person.
Come to think of it, a vendor called me this morning to tell me they sent me a fax... this machine is right next to said receptionist.
I wish there was a website I could check to learn about those deliveries!!

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deetour said...

perhaps you could accidentally hit her in the head with said package upon retrieval.