Saturday, December 29, 2007

Is the problem Tivo or Best Buy?!

I meant to post about this, but forgot...

A couple weeks ago, we lost the PC, DVR, and cable box all in one weekend; well, the PC and DVR had been slowly dying and it just got to the point where I had to do something about it.

I went to Apple and got a MacMINI.
I went to best buy and got an HD Tivo with dual receivers.

I plugged it all in, and made an appointment for the cable company to come over and install cable cards.

NONE of this process was easy. I came home from work every night for a week and spent at least 4 hours with one of these two machines trying to get it to work. Maybe one day, I'll talk about the MacMINI; but today... I am PISSED OFF about the Tivo.

That first one that I bought, on Sunday... got the cable card installed on Wed; that night, recorded Countdown and when we watched it the video would fast-forward randomly leaving the sound behind. Called Tivo... after an hour, the guy says: that's a problem with the harddrive - return it.
So the Friday BEFORE Xmas; I'm at the Best Buy at the mall, exchanging the Tivo!

Get the new one installed; cable doesn't work... company sends a guy out on Sunday to install new cards. Cool. Looks like everthing will be ok. and it was... for a week.
Here we are trying to watch the Patriots game; and guess what?! New Tivo has the SAME problem as the LAST one! Video randomly freezing, sound left behind... and now we are watching NFL on the antenna!!!! I cannot BELIEVE this BS! Having lived with an original first gen Panasonic ReplayTV that gave us NO; that's ABSOLUTELY NO problems for TEN years!!!!! until it just got old... I CANNOT believe that this Tivo company can have such a hold on the market when their product ABSOLUTELY SUCKS!

What are you supposed to do?
Get a dish with their DVR? rent a DVR from the cable company?
Panasonic, what the hell!! Where did you go?!

or is it the palette of Tivo's that Best Buy has... ?
do I risk a third from this location? or go somewhere else?

pisses me off

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