Friday, December 14, 2007

Cookies - a retrospective reposted

A couple years ago, my friend's mom got really sick, and she decided that she needed a holiday tradition to substitute for the family ones that she knew would be going away. Beth joined us for a little bit that year.

So we decided to bake Holiday Cookies! The next year, she was pregnant and I was sick, but we decided to do it anyway; because you can't have a tradition if you don't actually do it every year. I don't think Beth made it this year, but she can correct me if I'm wrong.

Her son was nearly a year, and so well behaved that he just sat on the carpet all day and played while we baked. Beth also started to join us full force!

2006 (3)
At over 1, the little guy needed a babysitter!

2006 (11)
and so she made it into the photo with my mom (who is always a HUGE help with washing up)

And this year! 100% me and the girls!

I had to repost this because Blogger messed up the photos; and I couldn't fix it!

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Musing said...

RudeCactus made this comment on this post originally:
I love the tradition...and the pictures that accompany the tradition.

For some reason Blogger was messing up the photos, so I reposted the post.