Thursday, February 19, 2009


Everytime I travel, there is someone who catches my eye... slowing me
down, not coping with all the kid stuff, obviously doesn't travel
often... and more often than not, these people show up somewhere else
on the trip... boarding my plane, on the rental car bus... something
like that. It happens almost every time.

Here are the specifics of today's incident:

The man in front of me at the xray did not make the moves to unpack
stuff onto the conveyor. I noticed his backpack, belt, and shoes. He
did not take any bins and he did not make a move to take out a
computer. I got distracted by my own unpacking and undressing, and
went through the security system. I got to the other side, and saw the
man's shoes, still on! Huh?!

Ok, so I don't usually do this, but I caught the eye of the TSA agent
and said "he has his shoes on!"
She looked at me and said - he's with the airline.

Geez!! He was wearing a blue shirt and khakis, I would never have

Well, here I am on this Southwest flight, and HE is my flight attendent.

I just think this kind of coincidence in the paths of people's lives
you intersect, is fascinating.

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