Thursday, April 08, 2010


Man, I am a lousy blogger.

Truth is, I've been spending the months figuring out what the routine of my life is... and it's getting pretty well defined.

I travel to the District most days of the week, and to my company's office once a week or so. Basically, I work in 3 places. This means I carry my "office" with me... and I don't have any filing.

I have been very good about the Pilates, and have really been enjoying the two instructors. Although one is moving to Budapest next month, so we'll see how instructor 3 is. I was thinking the other day about how many instructors I've had over the two years that I've been doing Pilates, I believe its eight so far.

A friend of mine talked me into running a 10 mile race through the Baltimore zoo in June... at the time, January, it seemed pretty do'able. I've been trying really hard to add distance to my runs, but oh my do I hate the running. It is so easy to find a reason not to. sigh. I am going to have to knuckle down now and work on it, or I will pass out from being at AT for too long!

Other than that, errands, home maintenance, pet attention, and personal experience all thrown in.

I am loving living in VA. I loved the fall, the winter, and now the spring. So many birds, so many colors. A cool breeze.

I'm taking a short break from regular life to visit my family in Australia. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone and being in their world. I will miss my family at home.

We have big plans for the summer... redo parts of the garden, build some garden furniture, take some trips around the area, kayak/canoe on a river - the Potomac preferably, and see some of the sites of "The War of Northern Aggression".

Can't wait!

I will try to be better at having a presence here too.... promise.


blackbird said...

...Yours, in cold sore misery.

Keep posting!

Unknown said...

the East Coast is so very glad to have you. i don't foresee myself ever moving back to AZ; it's just so NICE here.

kayak thoughts-- have you been to Harper's Ferry WV? Probably about 2.5 hours NW of you. The Shenandoah rivers meets the Potomac to flow south-- I hear it's great kayaking/canoeing.

Defunct Lisa said...

Thanks, Bri!
Will definitely take your advice on the kayaking... I haven't been anywhere yet, so its all going to be new and exploratory.
Wanna come?