Monday, March 08, 2010

"A Ghost Story" (my brother at 9, installment 6)

October 10, 1980

One day in October, my dad came up with an idea. “Let’s go to Scotland”, he said. We all agreed and so the next day, Whoosh! We were off on holiday. “I’m going to the clothes shop”! said my mother. “I’m going to buy some shoes”, my sister said. We all went to the hotel next day; we all went for a walk. We walked three miles and came to a stop. “Help” my mother said, she had seen something. “It’s a monster”! my sister said. We ran home and jumped in bed. The next day we went there again. We were three meters ferther and we saw it again. I big, long, white ghost. We ran as it came after us, but it stopped when it saw the city. The next night we went again. Suddenly we heard a noise, a howl. It was like this, “Whooooo"!!!! It suddenly started to rain. We all ran into a cave. There were bones in a truck by the wall and a crocodile tied to a stake on the ground. Suddenly a man came in and said, “I have a few prisoners,” he said. “What do we do with them”? “Give them to Brutus”! he pointed at the crocodile. “Or, should I eat you”! Suddenly he turned into a ghost. “Whoooooo!!!!!!!” he cried. We didn’t stay much longer. We all ran. The ghost ran after us. Right into the city, but he lost his way. All I know is that if you go to Scotland and meet up with a ghost, run.


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