Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Realities of Technology

I just realized that there are six telephone numbers associated with me, but really you can only reach me of you call two of them; and then its on the same piece of equipment.

Here's what I have:
- cell phone
- work extension in Phoenix
- work extension in Alexandria
- work extension in DC
- blackberry
- aircard

My work extension in Phoenix is forwarded to my cell phone, so you call either number, you make the same phone ring.
I am only at the desks in Alexandria and DC one to two days a week each.
My Blackberry does not have a phone plan, so call that number all you want, nothing is gonna happen (actually, I have no idea what happens, I should call it and see).
Obviously, the aircard does not receive calls.

That is a LOT of numbers to keep track of! I only know the first two to give to you because in my mind, the other four are irrelevant!

This all sounds like good justification for why I don't have a house phone.

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Lola Atkins said...

What?? Has a phone plan?? Who has a phone plan these days?