Monday, March 07, 2011

Max's Appetite

My cat was diagnosed with lymphoma last year, and since I had just received a bonus, decided that his life was worth the money. He went through chemo, and is officially in remission. I only tell that heavy part of the story to describe the cause of his strange eating habits.
He lost a lot of weight, because he became a fussy eater, and no longer wanted to eat cat food. I tried different dry foods, different wet foods, nothing would tempt him.
But he was hungry.
I know, because all he wanted to eat was food off of my plate. While I was eating it.
If I put some of my food on a plate for him, suddenly, it had no flavor... but the other piece on my plate? that was tempting!
Max has eaten crackers, cookies, cream cheese, Indian food, Mexican food - taco soup off the spoon as it made its way to my mouth, pizza crust, he ran off with a bone from a chop, and he has run off with a bread roll.
The other day, I did an experiment. I put his dry cat food on my plate, and took piece by piece and put it on the table for him. He JUMPED on every single piece and ate it as if he'd never seen food before.
He has a bowl of the same stuff full for him at all times.
Strange cat!

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Mom said...

Max loves YOU!!!!! He knows you looked after him and saved his life. he is a worthy cat. You did the right thing.