Sunday, May 15, 2011

Kinetic Sprint Relay

Pretty proud of myself, so figure I'll put a post up.

Did the bike leg of the sprint relay at Kinetic today - 18 miles.
Austin did the swim, and Jordan the run.

I was expecting to take 1:30mins, did it in 1:05. The official results may have me longer as the mat was a bit away from the mount/dismount.

The day before, I drove the course with my friend Patty to see where the downhills were, and if there were any really tough uphills. It all looked pretty do'able given what I have ridden so far (since Aug last year).

This is my first race on a bike, so I had no idea what to expect about how my adrenaline would affect my actions. Since the start was on an uphill, I asked Patty if she'd help me practice that too. We did a couple starts, so I knew my bike was in the right gear starting, and I knew I could do it.
Race day - I got a little sidetracked by my watch, but once that was sorted out, I mounted and took off with no hesitation. On the course, I was empowered by my knowledge of the ups, downs, and turns. I started to have fun after the first couple miles (usually it takes about 10!), and was making comments and chatting with the people I was leapfrogging.

I am very grateful to all the people who have helped me get over fears, passed on tricks, and supported me in doing something I've never done before!

I have also been thinking that I am supported by a higher power! Sat was drizzly and foggy with wet roads, Sat night had POURING rain! Sunday was a misty morning, but by race start - sun. Roads were dry, afternoon was warm (I think I have my number sunburned on my arm), and as soon as I was done unpacking the car after I got home - POURING rain.
I am so thankful that the day was so perfect for my first race.

Those are my first thoughts unshowered (lightening), sunburned, dehydrated, and tired!

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