Friday, May 27, 2011

"I do wish you'd go away!" (my brother, aged 10)

"I do wish you'd go away" Robin shouted at Elizabeth. The was a sudden flash of rainbow coloured light. Robin stared in amazement. Elizabeth had disappeared. Robin ran to her mother, "Mother! she exclaimed. It's Elizabeth, she disappeared!" Mother began to laugh, "She's probably hidden under the bed". "No mother, I saw it with my own two eyes" said Robin. Robin's mother ran from the room. But after searching for an hour, she sigherd, "Ahhh, no sign of Elizabeth.
She phoned for help but the telephone was out. "The lines must be down from the rain. I think you will have to go to town with your Wellington boots and your raincoat." said mother. "Okay" said Robin. So she popped on her boots and coat and ran outside. She walked two miles and had one left. "What's that!" she pronounced. A whizzing noise came past and a UFO came flying past. It was shooting at a old shack. Then it, it landed about 2 feet away from Robin.
Robin jumped into some old wire. A ray came out the bottom and two thin, tall, shaggy haired hippies came out.
They collected their supper and sat down by a fire. Robin crept up to the U.F.O. jet and sneecked up the steps. In side she touched two electric coils. She was heard and the 2 men came in. She out her hand and said "zap". The electricity from the coils had gine inro her hand and into her mouth. The electricity shot from her hand and hit the spacemen. She ran She ran inside and saw Elizabeth. "Elizabeth" said Robin. Elizabeth was in a glass cage in the centre of the ship. "Help me" said Elizabeth. "I'm trying" said Robin". They are spies from planet Hepo. It is in the center of a galaxy 2000,000 miles away. I am their prisoner." said Elizabeth. "Gee," "I walked 2 miles and was pooped.”
Robin unstrapped the door of the glass cage and jumped out. They ran outside and Elizabeth tripped. "I've badly bruised my chin" she said. "I want to be home." They had ran a mile when Robin said, "Look there is a plane." The plane was landing and the two children aged 7 and 10 ran to what they thought was their rescue. The little earplane landed and the children jumped on. "To the little house on the hill," said Robin. And the plane ran up the hill to take off. The little plane landed and the children saw a town. "Where are we, we asked to go to the little house on the hill." "Is this Bornville"? said Robin the eldest. "Yes, it is said the man" and put gags on the children. "A kidnapper!" said Robin mumberling. The man had axiderdenterly left a gun in his jacket pocket and Robin pulled it out. "Hands up"! she said. The man put up his hands and left the controls. The plane went down to a crash. "Shoom"! it bloo up. The next day Robin, Elizabeth and the kidnapper were in hospital. The man was in a koma but the two girls were okay. "He was such a nice man", said Elizabeth who had failed Grade Two the year before. "Don't be dum", said Robin now in standerd 3. Their mother came and took them home. Nobody knows what happened.

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