Sunday, March 25, 2012

Garden - Year One

In September 2011, my Mom came out for Labor day and we had a mammoth gardening experience. I could not have done it without her! I also had a Groupon to my favorite nursery!
The finished product without labels...

This is what we have:
1. Sedum spectabile "Neon" June-Sept 15" high
2. Hibiscus moscheutos "Lord Baltimore"
3. Stella de Oro daylily
4. Salvia - was already present
5. Buddleia
6. Liatris spicata "Gayfeather" July-Oct 48" high
7. Yarrow
8. Heliopsis h. Ballerina June-Sept 48" high
9. Columbine
10. Digitalis p. Camelot Mix May-July 38" high
11. Dianthus barbatus, Sweet William

1. Heartleaf Brunnera "macrophylla" Jack Frost 12-15" high
2. Carex oshimenis "Evergold" Japanese Sedge Grass 8-10" high
3. Heuchera "obsidian" 10" high
4. Hosta x f Patriot 24" high

I have not done an inventory that identifies each plant, so here's a general list
Stella de Oro daylily
Flowing onion
Various daylilies (will take photos this year)
Blue Ridge Phlox
Leucanthemum x superbum "Becky" Shasta

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