Sunday, March 25, 2012

Garden - Seeds and Spring

Spring came early this year, like the end of Feb!
One thing I've noticed is that the bleeding heart didn't get as big as it did last year. I am guessing that it rushed to bloom because of how quickly the temperatures rose.
Here is a photo of it today:
already blooming :-(

And here is last year (in the front):
This photo is from before it bloomed!

Here is the window bed with three of the four plants looking good:

I just love this Heartleaf Brunnera "macrophylla" (Jack Frost).
Can you believe the blue flowers?

A Heliopsis h. Ballerina starting to come through the ground.

The front bed with things coming up, covered in petals.

The hostas on the side are coming up:

I desperately want lily-of-the-valley! I planted 25 pips to the left and right of the hostas. I planted them right after they arrived. I am so worried that the hot spring will be too much for them and they won't come up. I am afraid to look in case they never appear. If that happens, I'll try again next year.

Because of the early spring, I rushed to get seeds in the ground.

I planted sweat peas and morning glory at the base of the triangle trellis. They are coming up after one week. Yikes!

There are nasturtiums all over the place. I don't even remember everywhere I pushed them in so I'll have to take pictures of those when they bloom.

I put giant sunflower seeds in peat pots so that I can baby them and then plant the whole pot into the ground when they are hardy. I have been worried that I did the planting wrong in that the seedling mix was very dry when I put it into the pots. Even though I soaked them before adding the seeds, the soil bubble up after planting and re-watering.
Last night it POURED with rain, and I was very worried that the seeds would have been upset and brought to the top of the soil. I got up at 6am and brought all the pots inside. In the light, I say this:


I have big plans for this big sunflowers.

I also put impatiens seeds in two of the peat pots... at least I thought I did. They are SO tiny! like dust. I don't have much hope there and will buy impatiens later to plant after the bleeding heart is done.

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