Wednesday, October 03, 2012

"Balance and Well-Being"

Before my trip to Thailand in 2008 I decided I needed a new pair of shoes.
I wanted something that I could wear all the time - pants, skirts, dresses, walking, in water - that didn't look too touristy or backpakery (Teva, Keen, etc).

At REI, I found a pair of Ahnu Tilden sandals that fit the bill.

I have worn them all summer, every summer since then.

A plan was hatched for me and a friend to dress up as milk maids for Ironman Wisconsin. She decided to wear running shoes for the day. I know my feet hurt when I wear running shoes that long, so I chose to wear my Ahnu's.
2012-09-09 16.48.37
I wore them (with socks - it was cold in the morning) for 20 hours straight; and in those 20 hours, I was probably sitting for a total of 2. By the end of the day, my feet were killing me and I realized that it was time for a new pair of sandals.

I went to the Ahnu website to see what was new, and I got sidetracked reading about their philosophy and the things they do for the "Greater Good".
It seemed to me that throwing away my Ahnu sandals was the last thing this company would want me to do.

I sent an email to the contact page, and explained that I'd had these shoes for a long time, worn them all over the world, and after a 19 hour day of standing in them, realized they needed replacing. Did they have a recycling/donation program to which I could send the old ones.
To my surprise, they offered to take my story and shoes for posterity, in exchange for a new pair!
Would I please send some photos of me in the shoes.

I had a lot of fun going down memory lane with all the adventures I've taken in my Ahnu's.
It wasn't easy to find photos of me that included my feet!

Bangkok 2008
Thailand 2008 1

South Africa 2009
South Africa 2009

Nelson Bay, Australia with my Dad and two bro's 2010
Australia 2010

Having a chat with a President in Williamsburg, VA 2010
Williamsburg 2010

Kayaking 2011
Kayaking 2011

At home, the last time I wore them 2012
At home 2012

Today I received my new pair, and wow! they are so much more comfortable.
Old meets New

Goodbye original Ahnu's, thanks for all the miles.

And thank you to Ahnu for being such an amazing company!!

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