Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Getting Peeled

I totally forgot to take pictures! sigh.

so - my cousin came and visited last week, and since it's fall and everything is all fall festivals, we took her apple picking and pumpkin buying.
The pumpkins we carved (a first for her), and the apples I ear marked for the Great Apple Cobbler Baking Extravaganza of... TOMORROW!
Remember this: link

Anyway - the bride came over on Sunday, and while Felix Baumgartner slowly went up, and quickly came down, we peeled apples, cored and sliced (thank you tools), and put them in batches of 5 with lemon juice.

That morning I measured out all the dry ingredients for the toppings, and we are now ready for the insanity of tomorrow.

Truth be told - I am nervous!!

this is probably the biggest, most meaningful, cooking event of my life.


I am putting post-its all over the kitchen to remind me to take pics... stay tuned.

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