Thursday, March 07, 2013

Spring on the way

Well, we did not have weeks of >70 degree weather this year - yay!
I'm hoping that means everything comes up when it should.

I noticed the other day that the bulbs were about to bloom - ie the flower heads were forming on the daffodils.

March 2


and then yesterday, we got 6" of snow!
they should be ok, right?

ok, here's a summary of what we will be doing in the garden once the weather gets stable:


for the trellis - I have one free standing, and thinking about getting another one going on the side of the garage.
Sweet peas - on the trellis. If the weather is like last year, this won't work again.
Cypress Vine Funny Valentine Blend HEIRLOOM Seeds
Cup and Saucer Vine HEIRLOOM Seeds
Black Eyed Susan Vine HEIRLOOM Seeds

all around...
Nasturtiums - They did well last year, and may self-seed, if not; I have backups.
Zinnia - going to start getting zinnia going.
Goldenrod Summer Showers Organic Seeds - I love goldenrod
Bring Home the Butterflies Seeds
Hummingbird Haven Seeds

I want to put in a herb bed/kitchen garden around the lamp post, surrounding the Clematis.
I will replant the oregano I had in a pot
I accidentally killed the rosemary by forgetting to water it :-( so will have to buy a new plant.
I will also add a thyme plant
and these seeds Parsley Italian Dark Green Flat HEIRLOOM Seeds
(Rosemary, Thyme, Oregano, Parsley, Lavender - I think that's herbs covered)

Hollyhocks - in front of the gutter downspout
Three varieties of lavender - we are going to take out the scrawny bushes in the front "island" bed and replace with these lavenders. I may just plant the whole bed with lavender (around the bulbs, of course).

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