Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Arriving at Spring?

Boy, this is a cold and snowy spring.
We got the mulch, cleaned up the beds and laid it down.
As compared to last year, there is very little growth.

I was looking back through March last year, and saw how big the chrysanthemum was. I am now worried about it! The roots are holding firm in the ground, so I'm hoping it is still dormant.



There aren't even any hostas yet!

This year, I raked back the old mulch, spread seeds from two wildflower packets, and then covered that up with the old mulch, and new mulch. Then it snowed. Let's hope that was some good soaking moisture!
The seeds I have put down already are from Botanical Interests:
Hummingbird Haven Seeds
Goldenrod Summer Showers Organic Seeds
Bring Home the Butterflies Seeds

I have others, but will put them down once we know we will get no more snow.

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