Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Endless Winter, Spring Planning

No photos 'cause basically I'd be putting up pictures of white.

This has been a very snowy year.
I don't mind the snow. I like having a snow day.
What I don't like is when it's warm - teases - things start coming up, and then it snows.
I think my daffodils were about 3 inches above the ground, I think one is trying to bloom, and now they are all under white.

Can't wait for a warm day!
I am going to rake leaves out of the flower beds and put down a big bag of wildflower seeds my mom sent. I'm hoping the seeds sprout before the mulch arrives at the end of the month.

move some things
stake some things
take care of clematis
plant some pots!
and do I really want a hydrangea ?

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