Monday, April 14, 2014

Getting 2014's Garden Started

This weekend was the first of warm spring (more like summer actually) weather and so we got all the gardening done.
I moved the Liatris forward next to the birdbath, and I move the Agastache to the front of the bed, next to the Azalea. I also moved a little sage that was smooshed against the border.
We double-teamed the mulching and got all beds around the whole house done in about an hour.
I also made a new wreath for the door. The insect one was driving me nuts with the bugs falling off all the time, and I didn't have a spring/summer backup... here is the 2014 spring/summer door decoration:

Here's a capture of the front beds:
The hosta is coming up in the side yard and the bleeding heart is growing well. Let's hope the weather stays cool enough for blooming.
I think that the urn is going to get completely replanted this year. Bye bye ivy!
2014-04-14 07.23.17

A view from the drive showing all the beds:
2014-04-14 07.23.53 HDR

Here is the front bed:
2014-04-14 07.23.35

and here is the side bed:
2014-04-14 07.23.30

Side bed by section (for future reference):
2014-04-14 07.24.41

2014-04-14 07.24.34

Bed under the kitchen window...
The hosta is coming up under that mulch, and the Brunnera is looking good, but still not as good as THIS year!
2014-04-14 07.24.22

I guess I didn't actually cut the clematis to the ground!
It started blooming on old growth, and this is how high it has grown in about 3 days!
2014-04-14 07.24.12 HDR

I put some new parsley and a basil the hnerb bed, and I added another rosemary because I'm not sure the other one is coming back. This is a shame because I really want the rosemary to grow into a big bush.
2014-04-14 07.24.01

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